You find out that you will die in five years or less. How did you find this out? What would you do in those five years? (2/19)

Well that sucks. But life will go on without me. So I’d best enjoy the time I have left. I’d try to cut work down to the minimum but probably not quit. I would take time off and travel, something I haven’t done in years. I would be around my family, in some way, daily. I would try hard not to waste time feeling sorry for myself. Five years would go by slowly. That’s actually a long time. As a way of thanking God for 5 years, I’d try my best not to have an accident and die even before the 5 was up, lol. I would keep dieting because I feel good when I’m thin. I’ve dieted all my life for me. But it has brought me confidence, joy and endurance. So with 5 years left, I’d double my effort to lose weight. 5 years would be plenty of time to have left. No regrets.

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Describe an important item from your childhood. Why was it important and where is it now? (2/18)

My 1st Christmas gift. The 1st one I can remember. A beautiful electric train. It was probably a gift from my mom and dad, especially my dad, because he was a conductor for the Nancy Hanks, a Georgia passenger train.

The locomotive engine was brown, long and powerful. It had a walkway surrounding the outside. It lit up. And it just sounded strong and proud.

Of course, the train had the shiny red caboose pulling up the end of the train.

I think there were two or three other cars, including a brown flatcar and a boxcar.

As I grew up I realized the significance of my 1st Christmas gift- it was a constant reminder of the job my father loved. To this day, 60 years later, I still love trains.

Haven’t ridden on one since my childhood but still an important symbol in my life.

All of my birth family members have passed and yet I am aware of their spiritual support for me through a train that comes through the US Air Force Academy daily. Every time I hear that train whistle it whistles 4 times for the 4 members of my birth family who have passed. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I will say a prayer for that whistle to sound and it will.

So that electric train, my 1st Christmas present, continues to be a guiding force in my life.

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No One Should Ever Tolerate Being Fat

Least of all with yourself. I’ve only lost 20 pounds and need to lose 20 more but when I remember what I felt like when I was 246 I ask myself how in the hell did I accept my obesity. How was I ever okay with that? I feel so different being lighter. I can do things that I didn’t even attempt before. Food should never be more important than living a comfortable life.

I’m proud of myself. This is all for me. I’m not trying to impress anyone but myself. I’m not trying to look better for anyone but me. I’m not trying to tell anyone else how to live their life. Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. It’s never easy and you have to keep doing it until the day you die. And you definitely feel like you’re depriving yourself of some delicious foods along the way. After living a lifetime of adoration of food and adopting food as our best friend this is a hard divorce to go through.

I applaud anyone who can pull this off. I only hope I can keep this up and lose 20 more pounds. For me it’s truly a life saver and a life extender.

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6 Small Meals a Day? WTH?

This was one of the worst diet tips ever unleashed on those of us who are always dieting. No one read the word “small.” Six Thanksgiving meals is where most of us went with that scam. 6? Are you crazy? Most of us can’t handle 3. And those three should be small.

When should I eat? When should I stop eating each day? Simple. Don’t eat after 2 pm.

My feelings are based on my own needs as a congestive heart patient survivor. Maybe too extreme for you. But I’m literally trying to save my life, extend my years.

Food is not my friend. It’s a necessary evil at best. If you ever say you love food, you are in trouble. I love certain drugs but that doesn’t mean I can indulge. Drugs will kill you too.

6 meals a day? No one heard “small.” What a horrible and deleterious scam to promote!

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Am I Hungry?

Keep asking yourself that simple question- Am I Hungry? Are you in distress? Are you going to faint, throw up, fall down?

And each time you answer No your stomach shrinks a little bit more and you want less food.

I get it, you just want to taste something delicious. Fine, take one bite, yes, Just One Bite. Then Stop.

But are you truly hungry or starving? No, not even close. Mind over matter. Quit eating when you’re not even hungry.

This is really quite simple.

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Tell the Good News While You Can

But be humble about it. Don’t go on Facebook and toot your horn. No pics, please. Ultimately, even though they won’t tell you- NO ONE CARES.

So I’m going on here, while I still have some good news, which for me is GREAT news- LIFE EXTENDING news- I’VE LOST 20 lbs. (I need to lose 32 more lbs. but for right now, before it goes away, I need to relish this achievement.)

I have CHF. Being overweight for me is slow suicide. Getting to 192 literally saves my life. It’s something I can control but up until now have not. At 246 I almost died. My Ejection Fraction was at 6. It’s supposed to be at 50. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was slowing down, my body was swelling. I went into the hospital and within 3 days they took off 20 lbs.

So how am I doing this?

1. It’s all in your head. Ask yourself before binging, “Am I really hungry?” This is simple, YOU’RE NOT, but you’re fighting your psyche. I like the taste of food and sometimes my mind just wants to taste a food item that I know is delicious. That’s all fine. But what happens after that is on me. IN THIS COUNTRY, WE HAVE NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, BEEN CLINICALLY HUNGRY. That’s an impossibility.

2. EATING HEALTHY SUCKS. Don’t be fooled by this scam. There are way too many people who pride themselves on “eating healthy” but who are fatter than people who eat junk food. If your goal is to lose weight quit worrying about “eating healthy.” If you think eating healthy is more important than losing weight, you’re an idiot. Quit reading this article. It’s not for you. (You can always humor yourself later, if you think you know what eating healthy really means, but now is not that time.)

3. Again, really think about this, and ask yourself, AM I HUNGRY? If not, why are you putting food in your mouth? I can’t emphasize that enough.

4. CALORIES. That’s all you should worry about. Stop worrying about fat free, gluten-free, carbs, protein, etc. CALORIES are all you must worry about right now.

As you lose weight your stomach shrinks and food becomes less important. This is your goal. Food is not your friend; it’s a necessary evil.

5. NEVER SAY “I LOVE FOOD.” Are you insane?

To be continued…

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Some things are meant to be kept personal. No need to put every minute aspect of your life out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for public consumption. No one cares. Instead of bringing you positive celebrity it backfires and brings you criticism and judgement by alleged friends who love gossiping much more than approbation.

There should be mystery about us. Otherwise we lose our appeal. No one needs to get to know us or explore who we are. We’ve done it all for them. And again, no one cares.

In our rapid-paced culture we have limited time. 99% of us spend that time on bettering ourselves. Only priests and nuns spend more time on giving themselves to the betterment of others.

Make yourself more appealing to others by HBI, holding back information. Make those who are interested in you dig for more information. Isn’t that what you do when you’re interested in someone? Just turn that around. Be the one everyone else wants to know more about. Then you’ll have all the attention we all so desperately seek.

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