It’s So Rare

It’s so rare for a woman to hit on a man. So when it happens you can’t blame us for overreacting. Yet us men usually blow it by doing just that- overreacting.

Men are much more comfortable being rejected. We almost masochistically expect most of our advances on women to result in shameful rejection. We’re comfortable with that. Occasionly we get lucky though and someone accepts our offer. And upon that we can build a relationship, maybe even a marriage. At the very least we can get a date or two.

But say hi to a woman and let her flirt back, have her take over the flirt and become the aggressor- that’s quite scary. Exciting, yes, but clearly an area where we have limited experience.

So after overcoming the initial shock of being hit upon we mistakenly think that we’ve certainly stumbled upon the woman of our dreams, our next wife maybe. We can’t even think straight when any female hits on us. That never happens.

The mistake happens when we go with it, start thinking we’re something special. Finally, someone has seen something in us, seen us for what a catch we really are. And it feels great!

But hold on, this is not what it seems. This is a mirage. I’ll explain in part two…