Dog is God Spelled Backwards

A big fluffy dog is like God- neither can speak back to you. They only can love you. And they like to love you. I mean I guess God could speak back to you- but in my experiences She never has. I’ve seen evidence of Her work when I ask for prayers to be answered and see miracles happen.

But everyday conversation, nothing. No dog has ever talked to me. And God has never spoken to me. I like it that way. I would like more evidence from God that She exists but that’s not my place to be asking such a question. I have to have faith in that one.

God knows I have trouble with this. So it’s OK. This is a journey and it doesn’t end when we die. And right there, just what I wrote-“it doesn’t end when we die”- is proof of my belief.

About daughtrytim

Passionate about words, the right words.
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