How were you named? If you feel that your name is boring and the story behind it equally so, make up a name and come up with an interesting story behind that. (2/24)

I love my name. I guess we’re talking about our first name here. Mine is Tim. Very infrequently Timothy. I have no clue why my parents picked that name but I’m proud of it and I would never change it. I’m even more pleased that I’m named after someone in The Bible who’s a pretty darn good disciple in the eyes of God.

Our names were a gift from our parents. It’s their first gift of their combined love for us. It’s sacred.

Our names are who we are from birth to death. We love it when we hear it. It’s what makes us special.

Tim. That’s who I am.

About daughtrytim

Passionate about words, the right words.
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