Most everyone has had a near death experience, describe yours (2/22)

Clearly mine was in September of 2017. Open heart surgery, double bypass. The 5 hour surgery went well. It was the recovery, specifically, taking out the intubator, where things went wrong. I kept losing my breath as they tried to extract the tube. My lungs had collapsed and would not takeover again. I was groggy, but awake. My ex was in the room and I could hear her asking, “is he ok?” I literally said to myself, when I felt like I was drowning, that it was not like me, and would be cowardly, but I was going to give up. I was scared and envisioned starting my next life. It was as real as it gets. Suffocation is horrible because it’s slow. Even now, typing this post, I get nervous at how close I came to giving in to death. God saved me for another day.

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