Describe an important item from your childhood. Why was it important and where is it now? (2/18)

My 1st Christmas gift. The 1st one I can remember. A beautiful electric train. It was probably a gift from my mom and dad, especially my dad, because he was a conductor for the Nancy Hanks, a Georgia passenger train.

The locomotive engine was brown, long and powerful. It had a walkway surrounding the outside. It lit up. And it just sounded strong and proud.

Of course, the train had the shiny red caboose pulling up the end of the train.

I think there were two or three other cars, including a brown flatcar and a boxcar.

As I grew up I realized the significance of my 1st Christmas gift- it was a constant reminder of the job my father loved. To this day, 60 years later, I still love trains.

Haven’t ridden on one since my childhood but still an important symbol in my life.

All of my birth family members have passed and yet I am aware of their spiritual support for me through a train that comes through the US Air Force Academy daily. Every time I hear that train whistle it whistles 4 times for the 4 members of my birth family who have passed. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I will say a prayer for that whistle to sound and it will.

So that electric train, my 1st Christmas present, continues to be a guiding force in my life.

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