6 Small Meals a Day? WTH?

This was one of the worst diet tips ever unleashed on those of us who are always dieting. No one read the word “small.” Six Thanksgiving meals is where most of us went with that scam. 6? Are you crazy? Most of us can’t handle 3. And those three should be small.

When should I eat? When should I stop eating each day? Simple. Don’t eat after 2 pm.

My feelings are based on my own needs as a congestive heart patient survivor. Maybe too extreme for you. But I’m literally trying to save my life, extend my years.

Food is not my friend. It’s a necessary evil at best. If you ever say you love food, you are in trouble. I love certain drugs but that doesn’t mean I can indulge. Drugs will kill you too.

6 meals a day? No one heard “small.” What a horrible and deleterious scam to promote!

About daughtrytim

Passionate about words, the right words.
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