Some things are meant to be kept personal. No need to put every minute aspect of your life out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for public consumption. No one cares. Instead of bringing you positive celebrity it backfires and brings you criticism and judgement by alleged friends who love gossiping much more than approbation.

There should be mystery about us. Otherwise we lose our appeal. No one needs to get to know us or explore who we are. We’ve done it all for them. And again, no one cares.

In our rapid-paced culture we have limited time. 99% of us spend that time on bettering ourselves. Only priests and nuns spend more time on giving themselves to the betterment of others.

Make yourself more appealing to others by HBI, holding back information. Make those who are interested in you dig for more information. Isn’t that what you do when you’re interested in someone? Just turn that around. Be the one everyone else wants to know more about. Then you’ll have all the attention we all so desperately seek.

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Passionate about words, the right words.
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