Snowy Saturday

So we have an inch of snow coming. But it’s also gonna be accompanied by some ice.  And ice should only appear in glasses not on street surfaces.  Cars were never meant to be driven on skating rings. Even the best of drivers have difficulty.  If you run into trouble they tell you to turn into the skid. But that takes courage. It’s an awkward defensive driving move. Physics makes it a sensible choice but real-life fear tells you to turn the other way to get away from it.  The key though is to always respect Mother Nature-drive slowly. And of course pray that Father Sun will shine brightly and melt everything away.  The sun always wins this battle when it comes to snow and ice. But when it comes in the evening you’re a bit screwed.

Colorado though is the best place to experience winter if you have to.  It never really gets that cold here because of the lack of humidity and the dryness.  And when it snows, unless it’s more than a few inches, the sun melts it away pretty quickly the next day.

I lived in Montana which is a beautiful state but the winters there can be deadly. We’re not meant to walk around and breathe in 22 below.

California weather is the best. But too many people, too many crazy people, have ruined that state.

So for now Colorado is fine with me. Snow and ice and of course the glow of the sun. It’s a balancing act in nature that works.

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