It Hurts to Tie My Shoes


Tim Daughtry
December 14, 2015


Yes, the epilogue usually comes at the end. But for the purpose of maintaining a sense of urgency, I’m going to start at the end. I can do that because I think I know how this is going to play out.

Either I succeed at losing weight or my health will continue to deteriorate. I am fearful my continued failure with losing weight could even exacerbate my death. Thus my sense of urgency.

It’s hard to express to anyone how passionate I am about this. Everyone at one time or another is dieting. It’s always trending. I remember dieting as a teenager in the ‘60’s. There are so many books, seminars, gurus, drugs, supplements, organizations in the marketplace that participate in trying to solve our out of control obesity in this country. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much success. We’re all waiting for the magic pill.

At 65 it’s much harder to lose weight. I have no metabolism. I’ve tried several things, from drugs to exercise, and while diet pills always initially work, they wear off and become ineffective pretty quickly. Not to mention, they’re not good for your heart. And for me, now that’s an added problem.

When I was younger, 20 years ago, it was much easier to lose weight. Diet pills worked. Of course, cocaine or speed would work equally as well. But again, cocaine and speed are hardly sustainable lifestyle choices. You might look good laid out in your coffin, but you certainly can’t do diet pills for life. Your heart would object profusely and eventually say it was done with you, lol. We don’t want that.

But I hate it when do-gooder purists, those idiots, assume that “eating less, exercising more” is a sane solution. That won’t work. Then there are the health food junkies who basically try and convince you that it’s ok to be overweight as long as you are healthy. But isn’t that an oxymoron, isn’t that avoiding the purple elephant in the room. I DON’T WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND STILL BE FAT. I honestly, don’t see how that’s even possible. But to justify eating everything in sight, the health nuts will actually celebrate obesity and not only be careful to never fat-shame, but hold fatties up to a new standard, one that applauds them for being proud of their corpulent masses. This is what I call the Obesity Fan Club or worse, support group. This is not support at all.

But now, except for starving, it’s hard to get the dial on the scale to go down. Oh yeah, there is one more way to lose weight quite easily- suffer a broken heart. But I would never suggest that. Although many times in desperation, I’ve considered falling in love and then breaking up just to lose a few pounds. That will work. I have experience with it.



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