The Improbability of Love

Love is an interesting concept. I swear it only comes your way about three to five times in a lifetime. It comes your way a lot when you think you’re in love with someone and then mistakenly assume that of course they’re going to respond likewise. But it doesn’t happen that way. You both have to have the same exact feeling at the exact same time and when that happens it takes an army to separate the two of you. Even when the relationship goes bad. The love game is definitely playing hard ball. And a lot of us get hurt to the point of suicide. But when it works it’s got to be a sample of what heaven could be like. But it can never be forced and it always has to be carried out by two people on the same page at the exact same moment in time. And that’s a daunting task. Having said that now I see why people stay with people who the rest of us think are not good for them. First of all it’s none of our damn business who’s good for whom. But when love happens so rarely you want to try to recapture what the spark was in the beginning. And so you put up with a horrible relationship or a horrible partner who has turned on you. I think we do this because all of us know this love thing is not going to happen but just a few more times in our life.

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