Bringing Her Home


Timothy Daughtry

Chapter 1

Jennylyn was asleep. Again. She always went to sleep when she didn’t understand life. Paul on the other hand was wide awake. Like Voltaire, he maintained that he would get all the sleep he needed when he died. There was too much living to do to waste it away sleeping.

So while Jennylyn slept, Paul sat in silence enveloped in the huge arms of the luxurious hotel’s sink-into easy chair and propped his feet up on the burgundy ottoman. He couldn’t sleep. He was too excited.

Paul looked lovingly over at Jennylyn as she slept on the bed. He had to admit, she made sleeping look appealing. The full moon lit the hotel room through the open curtains with a combination of subdued lighting and shadow accents. Through the shadows Paul could see that Jennylyn had fallen asleep with her makeup on again. Her hair was up in a bun and she hugged one pillow while she slept on the other. Paul assumed that the pillow she held so tightly was the perfect guy she had yet to find but dreamt about often. He was right.

Although he was glad he was still awake since there was so much to sort out and filter through his thoughts, he was equally glad that she was asleep. She needed her sleep as much as he needed to be awake. These two people, unlikely partners, had first become friends and then something more. No, not lovers, not married companions, but something equally as lasting. Early in their relationship they gave up on trying to describe what kind of relationship they really had. They would have dated, and probably even gotten married, but one thing was for sure they would be together for life, even if it might not be as long as they would have liked. One would never leave the other. After over a year of sharing the same hotel room simply because they were too tired to get another room, since their workday together usually lasted into the wee hours of the night, Jennylyn had always taken the bed and Paul the chair. Jennylyn somehow managed to get close to eight hours sleep every night. Paul on the other hand preferred to sleep only three to four hours a night.

These two unique friends mirrored each other and complemented each other in their differences. Isn’t that what all lasting friends do? They were just enough alike and just enough different to keep creating new adventures to share. They were different in ways where at times it was impossible for them to compromise. But they did just that because their reciprocal affection for one another was more important than being right or winning arguments. They rarely argued, come to think about it. Their conversations instead were honest and always meant to raise the other person to the best they could be.

But they were also different in one way that they had no control over- Paul was 55, Jennalyn was 25. Paul would maintain until his dying day that this was the only obstacle to them becoming a member of that unique club where people got married once and stayed married forever. Jennalyn agreed but never told Paul. Something that precious and yet unattainable was best left in her imagination. Otherwise, missing that would have been unnecessarily sad. And if anything these two were the happiest couple in the room. They avoided sadness by being together. They were nourished by all the happiness that many other people missed even though it was right in front of them. They kept each other happy especially when one wanted to wander off into sadness. That’s why they needed each other so much. That’s why they would always be together.

But every story has a twist, a turn, a change of events where things don’t go as planned. And this story will not break that tradition. So far so good though huh? The two sound like an interesting couple, a couple from whom we might even learn a few things about life. So stay with me. This is not a story you’ll soon forget. It might be one you want to go out and copy. It will inspire you, of course entertain you and stick with you for awhile after you’ve turned the last page. What more can you ask from a story that takes you away from the routines of daily life to a place where we all hope to arrive someday.

Paul has cancer but has written songs some 40 years ago and was in a band that never made it. He went looking for a singer to bring his songs to life before he gives up his own life.


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