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Ok, I should be either cleaning the house or editing manuscripts- not creating an online dating profile. But for some reason I dropped anchor at this website and decided to go ashore and see if the natives are friendly.
But who’s supposed to be impressing who here? Since I wouldn’t have stopped here unless I wanted to make friends, I guess I need to show my best side to you as well. And it’s always good to be honest, for two reasons- 1) that’s what I ask of you so I need to reciprocate and 2) it’s much easier to live up to what I write here if it’s the truth.
I often think it would be a real timesaver if we all wore sandwich boards that broadcast for all to read, bullet points about who we are, what we like about life and how we spend an afternoon alone. We could even have little check boxes by each bullet and if we met someone who could check off a majority of our bullet points and we could do the same for them, then we would know we might be able to sustain a conversation long enough to get to know each other. So here’s what my board would say about me:
Who I Am:
 A Writer who duplicates the passion with which I write into the life I live
 A Flexible person who seeks out new experiences, new ways of doing familiar things and who is open to the specialness of each person I meet
 A Grateful person. Thankful for the life I have lived, the people I have shared it with and the memories that make the future even more promising.
What I Like About Life:
 The challenges, surprises and experiences that have made me secure and yet humble in facing life on my own
 Those magical times when I meet someone who’s open to me sharing my life with them and them sharing theirs with me without either one of us asking the other to sacrifice anything that makes us who we are
 How every event or experience that we face has a built-in humorous escape hatch so we don’t ever take ourselves too seriously

How I Spend an Afternoon Alone which went spent with another is the perfect date.
 Reading, writing but no arithmetic
 If it’s sunny, and I’m in California, then I’m probably at the beach
 If it’s cloudy, then probably watching a movie preferably a movie I like so much that it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, it’s still like the first time I saw it. Examples would be- Rocky, Top Gun, About Last Night, Just Friends, Gone with the Wind and of course, The Wizard of Oz.
 If it’s snowing and I’m in Colorado, then a good conversation on the sofa or in bed with my closest friend, with no time limit, until we fall asleep.
So, I’ll see if I hear back from any of you who I venture to meet.

About daughtrytim

Passionate about words, the right words.
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