The Dangerous Dinner (Unfinished)

The Dangerous Dinner 

John’s brother was adamant in expressing himself that night at the dinner table.  He was usually very loud when he told his side of the story and especially when he defended himself.  But he was really waving his flag that particular night when his arguments turned to insults.  He just knew he was right.  He was so right that he had very little patience with any opposition that was coming his way.  It was almost as if he had won the lottery-he was so convinced of his rightness. 

But John had a different idea.  John was defending his ex-wife while his brother was nailing her to the wall.  John was always the last person to see the bad qualities in a person and therefore the last to react.  So, he was taken advantage of a good bit.

 John’s brother Kenneth was just the opposite.  He rarely let anyone roll over him and was just as actively defensive of his position with women as he was with men.  He didn’t hate women, he loved women.  But he would never let them get away with anything at all. 

 That particular night at the table in the middle of what was otherwise a wonderful meal of mashed potatoes, fried chicken, homemade biscuits and asparagus casserole to die for, Kenneth had simply had it with his brother John’s whiny defense of a woman who not only tried to take John down, but tried to steal from the family as well. 

 Kenneth knew how to handle Ann.  He always had.  When she came on to him he rejected her.  It just wasn’t right for a brother to sleep with his brother’s wife and so he didn’t.  A lot of people thought he had, but he never had. He had stuck to his convictions for over 10 years. 

 Now Ann was a beautiful, girl next door type who anyone would jump at the opportunity to sleep with.  She was a chronic flirt and loved the challenge of keeping men off-balance.  She sometimes got herself into trouble by leading men on but it never stopped her.  From the time she woke up until she went to bed her insecurity made her pursue the attention of men.  In everything she did it was very important to get a man’s approval.  It was even better if you thought she was attractive and started flirting with her.  She would let it go, she would ride it out and that’s how she got herself into trouble with Kenneth.

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