A Request of You…and Thanks in Advance

“Hey if you happen to be on the site and reading some of my meanderings I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me a comment or two. All comments are welcome. Feel free to say anything you want. After all it’s anonymous and I will never know who you are. And in advance I thank you for communicating with me. I will be glad to return the favor if you have something you would like me to comment upon. Like in love, communication is a see saw-it takes two. Thank you again.”

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Life’s Imperfections Make It Perfect

There are people we know who make us laugh. That’s why we like to be around them. There are other people who are adversarial or just downright mean. And we avoid them at every turn. Life is made up of a variety of different people at different times in their lives. It’s not for us to judge, just to try and be around people who lift us up and make us laugh. Life’s imperfections are what makes life perfect. I love the line from God that says “I will never give you more than you can handle.” That is actually very inspiring and hopeful in times when you think you’re at the bottom of the barrel.

If we were happy all the time we would have died and found ourselves in heaven. That’s to come later. But the life we have to traverse down here is full of highs and lows, peaks and valleys. There’s nothing wrong with that. We wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t experience some sadness, some pain, some discomfort.

When we leave our house every morning we become actors on a stage. It’s rare that you would share your personal life with anyone you will meet that day. But if you do you should always remember to listen to their story as well. It’s not all about you. It’s a give-and-take. Love takes two people or two objects if your love interest is let’s say a pet or even God. But there’s still a give-and-take where it’s your obligation to listen to their story as well as hope they will listen to yours. Honestly each of our stories is very boring to a stranger or even someone we know intimately. It goes against nature for someone to want to help someone else go through their journey instead of going through their own. That’s Jesus or Mother Theresa. That’s not us. So there’s no need to try to save the world. Just save yourself and don’t bore the rest of us with your story.

No one has the answers for our questions other than ourselves. Therapists in psychology found this out centuries ago. It’s not about having all the answers, like Googling something. Even though Google has all the answers not all of them are applicable to our situation. The best answers in life are the ones we come up with, not someone else.

Think about it, how often has someone told you you need to do something and then you go do it? Their advice might have worked for them but it fails for you. While you can thank them for seeming to care about you it’s so much more sincere when someone asks you “What do you think you should do, what would you like to do?”

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Busybodies Nobodies

It’s hard enough to control my own life. Why in the world would I ever take on someone else’s life? Not to mention they didn’t ask me to run their life for them.

I work with some people who occupy themselves with other peoples lives. They thrive on it. It’s hilarious to watch.

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Man Buns

(Gonna get hate mail on this one, lol.)

Buns period, for me, DON’T LOOK GOOD ON ANYONE- men or women. If you have the hair, show it- or cut it. But a bun- for convenience or because it’s hot or some other excuse tells me that you don’t care how you look.

And if YOU don’t care how you look, how can I?

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Dog is God Spelled Backwards

A big fluffy dog is like God- neither can speak back to you. They only can love you. And they like to love you. I mean I guess God could speak back to you- but in my experiences She never has. I’ve seen evidence of Her work when I ask for prayers to be answered and see miracles happen.

But everyday conversation, nothing. No dog has ever talked to me. And God has never spoken to me. I like it that way. I would like more evidence from God that She exists but that’s not my place to be asking such a question. I have to have faith in that one.

God knows I have trouble with this. So it’s OK. This is a journey and it doesn’t end when we die. And right there, just what I wrote-“it doesn’t end when we die”- is proof of my belief.

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3x in a Lifetime

3 times in a lifetime- that’s how many times you fall in love. So respect each one and always shoot for a lower number. That’s called commitment.

But seriously you’re going to like a lot of people, you’re going to even fall for a lot of people. But remember they have to fall back for you. Love is like a see saw. It takes 2 people to balance it out and make it work. Mark my words you only have 3 chances in life for a serious long term, committed relationship. So man up and do your part to make that happen.

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Selfish Addicts

Addicts are some of the most selfish people on the planet. While their loved ones worry about them living or dying they are getting a buzz, they are getting high. That’s how much they love us. I’m so happy for them. I’m so glad THEY’re getting high. I want to get high. Their children want to get high. Their family and friends want to get high.

But why is it that addicts are not sharing? Not that I would ever want what they have to give but they don’t share. They cling to their little bag full of drugs and alcohol. This is a party for one. And while they are stoned or drunk they wreak havoc on those around them. How is this love?

Yet we continually dance around addicts, try to help them when they don’t want to be helped, try to change them when they won’t don’t want to change. We’re the stupid ones here. But one thing is for sure there are no more selfish acts than being an addict and getting high while the rest of the world has to clean up what you do while you’re high.

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