Snowy Saturday

So we have an inch of snow coming. But it’s also gonna be accompanied by some ice.  And ice should only appear in glasses not on street surfaces.  Cars were never meant to be driven on skating rings. Even the best of drivers have difficulty.  If you run into trouble they tell you to turn into the skid. But that takes courage. It’s an awkward defensive driving move. Physics makes it a sensible choice but real-life fear tells you to turn the other way to get away from it.  The key though is to always respect Mother Nature-drive slowly. And of course pray that Father Sun will shine brightly and melt everything away.  The sun always wins this battle when it comes to snow and ice. But when it comes in the evening you’re a bit screwed.

Colorado though is the best place to experience winter if you have to.  It never really gets that cold here because of the lack of humidity and the dryness.  And when it snows, unless it’s more than a few inches, the sun melts it away pretty quickly the next day.

I lived in Montana which is a beautiful state but the winters there can be deadly. We’re not meant to walk around and breathe in 22 below.

California weather is the best. But too many people, too many crazy people, have ruined that state.

So for now Colorado is fine with me. Snow and ice and of course the glow of the sun. It’s a balancing act in nature that works.

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It Hurts to Tie My Shoes


Tim Daughtry
December 14, 2015


Yes, the epilogue usually comes at the end. But for the purpose of maintaining a sense of urgency, I’m going to start at the end. I can do that because I think I know how this is going to play out.

Either I succeed at losing weight or my health will continue to deteriorate. I am fearful my continued failure with losing weight could even exacerbate my death. Thus my sense of urgency.

It’s hard to express to anyone how passionate I am about this. Everyone at one time or another is dieting. It’s always trending. I remember dieting as a teenager in the ‘60’s. There are so many books, seminars, gurus, drugs, supplements, organizations in the marketplace that participate in trying to solve our out of control obesity in this country. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much success. We’re all waiting for the magic pill.

At 65 it’s much harder to lose weight. I have no metabolism. I’ve tried several things, from drugs to exercise, and while diet pills always initially work, they wear off and become ineffective pretty quickly. Not to mention, they’re not good for your heart. And for me, now that’s an added problem.

When I was younger, 20 years ago, it was much easier to lose weight. Diet pills worked. Of course, cocaine or speed would work equally as well. But again, cocaine and speed are hardly sustainable lifestyle choices. You might look good laid out in your coffin, but you certainly can’t do diet pills for life. Your heart would object profusely and eventually say it was done with you, lol. We don’t want that.

But I hate it when do-gooder purists, those idiots, assume that “eating less, exercising more” is a sane solution. That won’t work. Then there are the health food junkies who basically try and convince you that it’s ok to be overweight as long as you are healthy. But isn’t that an oxymoron, isn’t that avoiding the purple elephant in the room. I DON’T WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND STILL BE FAT. I honestly, don’t see how that’s even possible. But to justify eating everything in sight, the health nuts will actually celebrate obesity and not only be careful to never fat-shame, but hold fatties up to a new standard, one that applauds them for being proud of their corpulent masses. This is what I call the Obesity Fan Club or worse, support group. This is not support at all.

But now, except for starving, it’s hard to get the dial on the scale to go down. Oh yeah, there is one more way to lose weight quite easily- suffer a broken heart. But I would never suggest that. Although many times in desperation, I’ve considered falling in love and then breaking up just to lose a few pounds. That will work. I have experience with it.



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My Credentials, My Experiences, My Legitimacy

17 Paloma Heights #204 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 • (719) 505-4097 •

Business Development Marketing/Management Executive/Communications Consultant

Over 15 years experience driving strategic growth and business visibility for leading profit and nonprofit healthcare organizations. Highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate. Able to achieve results others believed to be impossible. Experienced in marketing, sales, budget control, communications and following best practices and procedures. Master’s degree and 10 years college teaching experience.

Demonstrated success record in:
 Branding, managing and positioning product and service lines.
 Promoting value, overcoming objections and securing hard to close deals.
 Motivating staff to peak performance levels.

• Fundraising • Physician Marketing • Account Development
• Market Research • Competitive/Strategic Planning • Budgeting/ Forecasting
• Prospecting/ Client Cultivation • Physician Recruitment • Client Retention

• Revenue Generation – Within 90 days, generated twice the revenue amounts for two senior mental health programs and achieved most successful years for these programs’ existence.
• Account Development – Reactivated inactive accounts for two hospital programs from medical staff physicians who had previously not referred to these programs. Increased admissions from other hospital departments, thereby growing the confidence level in these units.
• Market Penetration – As Director of Marketing wrote strategic marketing plans then implemented them. Monitored plans closely and adjusted per changes in the marketplace and referral fluctuations.
• Effective Marketing – Took key contact Orange County Senior Mental Health Agency from one job to another. Accounted for 60% of all Medicare admissions to both programs (WAMC Med Ctr, UCI Geropsychiatric Unit)

Self-Employed, Colorado Springs, CO 2005– Present
Editor/Writing Consultant
• Edit and proofread manuscripts for authors. Write book reviews. Taught English Composition at the college level. Tutor students and business executives in writing and public speaking.

Verizon Wireless, Colorado Springs, CO 2014– 2015
Solutions Specialist
• Sold cell phones, data packages and phone accessories in Corporate Store.

Comcast/Xfinity, Colorado Springs, CO 2012 – 2013
Direct Sales Representative
• Sold TV, Internet and Phone services to residential and business customers.

Select Physical Therapy, Monument, CO 2011 – 2012
Community Referral Coordinator
• Developed referrals from physicians to this company’s three Colorado Springs clinics.

Emergency Medical Management Associates, Arcadia, CA 2005
Physician Relations Marketing Manager,
• Recruited qualified Emergency Department physicians for medical staff positions for six Los Angeles hospitals. Assisted in credentialing process to expedite new hires.
• Prepared RFP’s used in competitive bids for new management contracts with hospitals.

Anaheim General Hospital, Anaheim, CA 2004
Physician Relations Marketing Manager
• Recruited new physicians and acted as liaison between existing medical staff and administration.
• Rejuvenated new admissions from low referring medical staff by 90% first 30 days.
• Interviewed 165 doctors first 45 days conducting needs analyses of their practices.

UCI Medical Center, Geropsychiatric Program (Signet Healthcare), Orange, CA 2003 Marketing Manager
• Increased ADC from 5 patients to 12 first 45 days/Increased profits by 150%
• Revitalized dormant referral sources/located new ones. Brought key county referral source, Older Adult Services, from previous position. This account represented 60% of all referrals.

West Anaheim Medical Center (Horizon Mental Health Management), Anaheim, CA 2000-2002
Marketing Manager
 Created and implemented strategic marketing plans for two senior mental health programs
 Increased outreach, referral development and crisis intervention services to the community
 Results: 60% growth in admissions, improved payor mix to 90% Medicare, kept unit 100% full to the point of waiting lists and prompted Administration to add 6 additional beds to the unit. 2001 was the unit’s most profitable year of operation.

Additional Healthcare Marketing Positions:

– Perimed Compliance Corporation, Tustin, CA 1998-1999. Medical software sales. Western Regional Manager
– Rivendel of Montana, Butte, MT. 1995-1996. Child/adolescent psychiatric hospital. Director of Marketing
– CPC Rancho Lindo Hospital, Fontana, CA. 1993-1994. Child/adolescent Director of Marketing
– Hoag Hospital Presbyterian, Newport Beach, CA. 1992-1993. Chem. Dependency Ctr. Community Relations
– Newport Harbor Child/Adolescent Hospital, Newport Beach, CA. 1989-1990. Education Coordinator

College Teaching Positions:

– Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, 1991-1998. Adjunct Professor- English Dept. “Voted Outstanding Faculty Member,” 1992
– Orange Coast College, 1996-1998. Adjunct Professor- English Dept.
– Concordia University, 1990. Adjunct Professor- English Dept.

– “Qualifying the Unqualified Exhibit Builder,” Exhibit Builder Magazine, Nov. 1982, Woodland Hills, CA
– Book Review of Uncommon Thread by Carol Meadows, ISBN-13: 978-1-937600-26-6. Mill City Press, 2011.

Masters in Education, Georgia State University GPA: 3.8
B.A., Philosophy/Sociology, Georgia State University GPA: 3.5

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The Improbability of Love

Love is an interesting concept. I swear it only comes your way about three to five times in a lifetime. It comes your way a lot when you think you’re in love with someone and then mistakenly assume that of course they’re going to respond likewise. But it doesn’t happen that way. You both have to have the same exact feeling at the exact same time and when that happens it takes an army to separate the two of you. Even when the relationship goes bad. The love game is definitely playing hard ball. And a lot of us get hurt to the point of suicide. But when it works it’s got to be a sample of what heaven could be like. But it can never be forced and it always has to be carried out by two people on the same page at the exact same moment in time. And that’s a daunting task. Having said that now I see why people stay with people who the rest of us think are not good for them. First of all it’s none of our damn business who’s good for whom. But when love happens so rarely you want to try to recapture what the spark was in the beginning. And so you put up with a horrible relationship or a horrible partner who has turned on you. I think we do this because all of us know this love thing is not going to happen but just a few more times in our life.

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Just Cuz

I love it when rich people tell us that it’s “the other rich people” who are treating the poor badly, not them. But there are a lot of people who for idealogical reasons will refuse to admit that the sky is blue, “just cause.” Like in a court of law, simply opening your mouth and saying something does not make it true. Liberals hate having to prove what they say.

As Trump peels back all this corruption, it’s shocking not what Obama got away with, but how easily those on the left bought it. That’s embarrassing and pitiful.

Admitting you made a mistake, that you were wrong, and apologizing for it, shows a hint of character. Doing otherwise labels you as fool, much like an avowed racist, an old person stuck in their ways or a hermit who hides from reality.

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Writer’s block doesn’t exist here

Thank God I’ve never had a problem with writer’s block. When I taught English composition at the college level I motivated my students to start writing within seconds by offering to pay the one writer who wrote the most words. The words didn’t even have to make sense even though in most cases a writer automatically writes things that approximated making sense. Just the fact that we are alive, just the fact that we have eyes and experience the world around us makes it impossible to not be able to write about an infinite number of subjects. Granted if you want to be a writer who is read and rewarded monetarily in the writing field then of course you have to organize your thoughts better than just splashing them out on the paper. But I never have understood how someone could gaze off into the distance trying to write the perfect sentence and continue that on to creating the perfect paragraph or the perfect essay or book and become blocked due to their own preoccupation or fetish with having everything they write be perfect. It simply doesn’t have to be and it never will be. Even the great writers have moments when they’re writing is either so so or downright bad.

Perfection in writing like in other things in life is simply unattainable. It should never stand in the way of you being able to put your thoughts down on paper. As you continue to write over the years you will get better at it, you will get better at expressing yourself and having your reader know exactly what you mean and even in some cases read between the lines. But you’ll never get to that point if you simply stare at a blank sheet of paper waiting for perfection to spew forth from your brain and travel down your arm to your fingers and allow you to type the perfect words. Just start writing.

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Who’s Your Favorite Liberal?

In order not to become stale nor myopic, you need to have a friend who thinks differently than you. It keeps you humble. It helps you to grow. And they need you just as much as you need them.

I’m conservative. I would like to think that my arguments are the best in the world. I watch Fox News because I like what they say on there. I like the way they report the news. But no one would believe that Fox News is fair. I happen to think they are but again they’re heavily weighted on the conservative side. I get it. To not admit that is being blind. The other major news reporting channels are very liberal. I’ve watched them, I know.

But I’m wise enough in my old age to know that in order to still grow as we get older you have to surround yourself by people who might not think the same way you do. It keeps you fresh. It keeps you honest. And it mentally challenges you.

So my favorite Liberals are Kirsten Powers, one of the greatest writers on the planet. I so hated to see her leave Fox and still miss her. And Bob Beckel. Who could not like Bob? Geraldo Rivera. What I like about Geraldo is at least he will admit when he’s wrong. He’s friends with the people with whom he debates.

Yes we should all have friends who don’t think like us. In this day and age when people are becoming more intolerant of any disagreement I think it’s vitally important to keep friends around you who have different viewpoints on all the issues. It goes back to my Christian faith and the tenant of remaining humble throughout your life. None of us have all the answers. Only by discussing the issues with people who have a different way of looking at the issues do we remain humble. And humility in discourse is a virtue.

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